Residential Properties

With residential properties, the main and foremost aim is to bring the property into a good feng shui condition.  Chue Style Feng Shui is about the form of the house, the surrounding roads, the internal layout of the rooms, the position of the front and back door, the placement of the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  The outside and the garden also have aspects that are to be considered during the consultation.  We will make sure that everything is placed in the best possible position to support the energy of the house, that in turn will enhance the success of all its occupants.

Our feng shui recommendations are unique to each property, as they are according to what needs to be balanced.  Certain decorative features may be recommended along with suitable colours for the décor. However, Feng Shui is not interior design, it just gives guidelines for designers to follow!

Residential consultations can help specific problems too.  Chue Feng Shui can help with relationships, career possibilities, family harmony, health, marriage, having children, money, or any other issue that the client would like to improve.

We consider each of the occupants’ years of birth, the annual stars, the layout of the home and we select favorable dates to do the important modifications.

If your home is a house, an apartment, a townhouse, a studio flat, or any other residential complex within all market thresholds.  All the occupants will gain from a home full of harmonious chi.