Corporate & Commercial

Our Feng Shui audits are extensive with extra focus on correctly placing the key elements that will support the goals of the company.

For example, in retail facilities and shopping malls some of our additional specifications to improve the business will entail, the placement of the cash register as it is crucial to bringing in more money.

If the feng shui audit is  for a restaurant then you will need the kitchen positioned in the best area to make nourishing food, with the dining areas balanced energetically so clients feel comfortable and consume more.

For corporate offices, we will pay extra attention to the correct placement to the executive management’s offices and recommend the most efficient desk orientations for better harmony and efficiency between all employees.

Be it, a commercial center, an industrial unit, an educational facility, or any other business, our corporate and commercial feng shui audits are tailored to suit and support the owner, their employees, and the activity of the company.  A feng shui audit with us, will be a long term investment for your company on many levels.