The “I Ching” or Book of Mutations is probably one of the oldest and most respected mantic systems, originating in China more than 4000 years ago.

The text reflects conceptions of the individual and collective unconscious. At any given moment, if a person has a question, he or she can consult the I Ching. It has very insightful philosophical reflections with very practical solutions.

At the center of the I Ching are the 64 Hexagrams. There are many possible interpretations of these hexagrams with their mutations.
Senior Master Teri Garcia readings use meanings that are original and unique to the Chue Lineage.

I Ching consultations can be done online or in person. Once the appointment has been requested and paid for, Teri proceeds to make the appointment in person or by video-call. She uses the original coin method for the throw and depending on the case, she something uses I Ching Dice created by Grand Master Chan.

The person must have a specific question, for example; whether it is convenient to buy a house, or to study at a certain university, or to open a new business, etc. In reality the questions are unlimited and so are the answers. How the question is formulated is the key to the answer.

Everything has beauty,
but not everybody sees it.