New Builds

Doing a Feng Shui assessment at the initial stages of your new build project will allow you to make the right feng shui choices from the beginning.

Every new project starts with an exterior landform assessment as the orientation and interior layout of the new property are linked energetically to the surrounding environment.  Each plot of land has certain characteristics that are better for certain types of buildings.

We consider the best directional alignments within the site, locations of entrances, form, and shapes of the building structure along with all the best locations for rooms within the internal layout.  Other key factors to consider are the placements of roads according to the Sam Hap method of analysis to improve the chi flow into the building.  We also use many other Chue style methods to deliver a project that fulfils the best feng shui potential for our clients.

We calculate auspicious dates for the different stages of the building work, such as dates for starting the construction, door installation or starting water features, for example. We also give you the best “move in” date for auspicious luck.

We provide you with the most optimum feng shui recommendations for the complete project, from the planning stage right through to placing the last detail.