Teri Garcia is a master in feng shui, ba zi, favorable date selection and spiritual feng shui.  Born in London, she has been living in Marbella, Spain for many years now. Senior Master Teri provides international feng shui consultations for all types of residential, commercial and corporate properties, specialising mostly in business feng shui.

She qualified as a Chue style feng shui consultant in 2003 from The Imperial School of Feng Shui, London, with Master Kajal Sheth. Her immense passion for feng shui led her to further her Chue Style studies under the guidance and tutelage of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, an authentic feng shui master from Hong Kong, living in the UK in the disciplines of date selection, form feng shui, Chinese horoscopes (ba zi), I Ching, urban feng shui, yin feng shui (burials), face reading, body reading, spiritual feng shui and in many other advanced methods of Flying Stars, Yuen Hom Hexagrams, Sam Hap and Sam Yuen.

Teri is a member of The Chue Feng Shui Foundation,, a certified teacher and School Advisor for The Chue Feng Shui Foundation’s Vocational Practitioner Training Program. In 2022 she was awarded the title of Senior Master by her master, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and became Vice President of the Chue Feng Shui Foundation.

Her passion is to create the right environment so people can thrive and enjoy wellbeing.


  • Qualified feng shui consultant in the classical Imperial Chue style lineage with over 20 years consultation experience in residential and commercial properties worldwide.
  • A large portfolio of satisfied clients worldwide
  • Vice-president of The Chue Feng Shui Foundation;
  • Active member of the Asociación Chue Foundation,Spain –
  • Certified Teacher for advanced Chue Style Courses and the Vocational Feng Shui Practitioner Training Program.
  • Schools Advisor for The Chue Feng Shui Foundation international schools.
  • Continuous professional development with more than 70 postgraduate courses in feng shui disciplines.
  • Master certificate in Feng Shui, Date Selection, Ba Zi  (Chinese Horoscopes) and Spiritual Charms. From 2022, Teri has been given the Senior Master title of Chue Kun Yan as supporting master with Senior Master Jacqueline Miettinen Chue Wah Yan, to Susanna Senior Master Lau from Hong Kong who will carry the Chue lineage forward upon Grand Master Chan’s retirement.

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