Chinese astrology can help us understand the right timing to make favorable feng shui modifications, but it can also be very useful to understand one’s own Chinese Horoscope so that we not only know are strengths and weaknesses but have tools to gain more success in our endeavors.

A Chinese Four Pillar Horoscope or also called Ba Zi “Eight Characters”, tells us the 5- elements that are present at the time of our birth. The Chinese Five Elements are:
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water

These elements bring certain characteristics that when interrelated create a unique and specific dynamic for each person. There is a pillar for the year, month, day and hour, hence the term “Four Pillars”.

The goal of analyzing a Ba Zi horoscope is to find that unique element that is needed to create more harmony in a person’s life. The quality and quantity of health, prosperity, well-being, support, abundance, etc. that affects us is determined by the interrelation of the elements present in the pillars. The presence of favorable or unfavorable
elements can affect the outcome of events.

During times of less favorable elements, we struggle more to achieve a balance. Once the elements or the element that can balance the horoscope have been established through the analysis of the Ba Zi, they can be introduced into the living space with feng shui. The client is also given a list of ways to use the elements for their personal success.

Each chart is cast and analyzed by Senior Master Teri using the traditional methods taught by Grand Master Chan. We do not use computerized analysis.


Senior Master Teri Garcia performs Ba Zi consultations using the traditional form taught by Grand Master Chan. She does not use any software to perform the analysis or horoscope.

Ba Zi studies are made to order. We will need your date of birth including time and place of birth. Once the chart is studied, we will set up an appointment to explain it to you. The appointment is approximately two hours by video call or in person. Payment must be made in advance.