It is an ancient Chinese method that dates back from the Imperial courts of China that studies the natural energies (chi 氣) present in our environment. It tells us how to gain the most benefit from its positive energy and avoid any negative chi so that subsequently we can improve our standard of living.

These energies are present in nature, in the mountains, rivers and valleys, they circulate creating landscapes that are the natural receivers of chi. In a man-made building, the most important thing is to capture this vital chi for the benefit and health of the occupants.

Over time, with the movement of the sun, the moon and the constellations, the natural energy changes. Hence, in Feng Shui, both timing and our surrounding environment are taken into consideration when applying recommendations. Doing things at the correct moment anchors the right energy!


Environments have unique frequencies, in the same way that a radio station broadcasts different programs. If the frequency or energy of a surrounding does not suit us, it becomes more difficult to achieve wellbeing and success.  By means of a Chue style Feng Shui consultation, with Teri Garcia Feng Shui, we can adapt buildings and urban environments to create harmonious spaces that support your endeavours and future goals.

We believe that a healthy feng shui environment is the key to a person’s wellbeing. “Change the Space to Change the Result”.

Chue style Feng Shui is an authentic lineage from the ancient Chinese Imperial courts brought to the West by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, Honorary President of The Chue Feng Shui Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the study and research of Feng Shui. www.chuefoundation.org


By using Feng Shui you can greatly improve the wellbeing of all the occupants of a property.


Improve the profitability of your business with Feng Shui. Our feng shui recommendations are aimed to support your company goals.


I was going through a period with some personal and professional difficulties. Nothing seemed to be working as it should. That’s when Senior Master Teri came to my home and applied her expert knowledge of Chue Style Feng Shui. Her personalized service offered me the most suitable solutions to readjust and focus the most favorable energy to change my luck and open up opportunities for me. She is an excellent and approachable Feng Shui consultant. After my experience with Senior Master Teri my life has taken a 180o turn. Now, I feel more fulfilled and I am happier. I recommend her 100%. Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

Teri García’s Feng-Shui consultation on my home in Madrid has brought a new vitality and harmony to my house of 32 years; the new colors and the simple changes make me feel renewed and with more energy to face new challenges with joy, strength and enthusiasm.

Working with Teri has been a great personal and professional experience, and in a short time she has managed to improve my relationship with my work environment. A great success!

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