A consultation not only improves the energy within your home and business, but it also can enhance your current and future endeavors.

We conduct our feng shui audits using classical Chue style Imperial techniques and methods taught by Grand Master Chan. They include amongst many Chee Ba Flying Stars, Yuen Hom Kwas, Sam Hap and Ba Chop, Compass School and Form School.

A consultation includes a thorough analysis of the quality of the property’s feng shui and where necessary includes recommendations for the client to arrange, modify and redesign the layout and/or structure of the building to support the occupant’s wellbeing and success. Many factors are taken into consideration such as the client’s date of birth or any particular aspect that requires more attention; for example, family health and harmony in a home, or company profits when the consultation is for a business.

Other factors like the surrounding forms, roads and buildings and time aspects are also taken into consideration. As every property is unique, our aim is to tailor the feng shui of the property so that it work for you in every possible way.


Corporate & Commercial

Our Feng Shui audits are extensive with extra focus on correctly placing the key elements that will support the goals of the company.

For example, in retail facilities and shopping malls some of our additional specifications to improve the business will entail, the placement of the cash register as it is crucial to bringing in more money.

If the feng shui audit is  for a restaurant then you will need the kitchen positioned in the best area to make nourishing food, with the dining areas balanced energetically so clients feel comfortable and consume more.

For corporate offices, we will pay extra attention to the correct placement to the executive management’s offices and recommend the most efficient desk orientations for better harmony and efficiency between all employees.

Be it, a commercial center, an industrial unit, an educational facility, or any other business, our corporate and commercial feng shui audits are tailored to suit and support the owner, their employees, and the activity of the company.  A feng shui audit with us, will be a long term investment for your company on many levels.

New Builds

Doing a Feng Shui assessment at the initial stages of your new build project will allow you to make the right feng shui choices from the beginning.

Every new project starts with an exterior landform assessment as the orientation and interior layout of the new property are linked energetically to the surrounding environment.  Each plot of land has certain characteristics that are better for certain types of buildings.

We consider the best directional alignments within the site, locations of entrances, form, and shapes of the building structure along with all the best locations for rooms within the internal layout.  Other key factors to consider are the placements of roads according to the Sam Hap method of analysis to improve the chi flow into the building.  We also use many other Chue style methods to deliver a project that fulfils the best feng shui potential for our clients.

We calculate auspicious dates for the different stages of the building work, such as dates for starting the construction, door installation or starting water features, for example. We also give you the best “move in” date for auspicious luck.

We provide you with the most optimum feng shui recommendations for the complete project, from the planning stage right through to placing the last detail.


We can provide you with a feng shui audit so that the changes you make boost the feng shui in your property rather than unbalancing it with refurbishments that break the harmony.

Adding an extension or a conservatory, installing new kitchen units, modifying the internal layout or putting in a swimming pool are all refurbishments that can affect the feng shui of your home. If you really want to get a good feng shui result, remember that the feng shui needs to be done at the initially planning stages.

Residential Properties

With residential properties, the main and foremost aim is to bring the property into a good feng shui condition.  Chue Style Feng Shui is about the form of the house, the surrounding roads, the internal layout of the rooms, the position of the front and back door, the placement of the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  The outside and the garden also have aspects that are to be considered during the consultation.  We will make sure that everything is placed in the best possible position to support the energy of the house, that in turn will enhance the success of all its occupants.

Our feng shui recommendations are unique to each property, as they are according to what needs to be balanced.  Certain decorative features may be recommended along with suitable colours for the décor. However, Feng Shui is not interior design, it just gives guidelines for designers to follow!

Residential consultations can help specific problems too.  Chue Feng Shui can help with relationships, career possibilities, family harmony, health, marriage, having children, money, or any other issue that the client would like to improve.

We consider each of the occupants’ years of birth, the annual stars, the layout of the home and we select favorable dates to do the important modifications.

If your home is a house, an apartment, a townhouse, a studio flat, or any other residential complex within all market thresholds.  All the occupants will gain from a home full of harmonious chi.

Pre-purchase audits

We offer pre-purchase/pre-rental property selection audits.  These audits vary from a full consultation as we will be considering the general feng shui potential of the property and how it suits your needs.  We will be comparing the properties you select to advise you which would be the strongest property allowing you to consider all the options available.

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete feng shui consultation but a first step for you to make a better choice of property within your selection.

Our pre-purchase service can be for any type of property, residential, commercial, and industrial. We also do pre-purchase land selection surveys for new builds.

Annual assessments

Each year, with the solar return, the energy changes within a property that can affect the occupants in different degrees.   We offer annual recommendations according to the Annual Flying stars, to neutralise any negative areas and to maximise the best areas.  Assessments are done with the entrance of the New Year.  We also can provide annual personal fate charts for individuals with suggestions on how to make the most of the coming year.

We believe that buildings should be developed with people’s wellbeing at the center of the design. A good feng shui environment can have a positive impact on human behaviour.

Each Feng Shui audit is customised to the different types of consultations.  Though we will always need to visit the property in question for the assessment.

If the client requires it, we can work with their team of architects and designers.  We will need floor plans and their year of birth.

Travel expenses are to be paid by the client.  We travel to Europe, America and Asia.

For the majority of the audits will have the following steps:

  • An initial visit to the property/project. On-site assessment of the total feng shui with orientation measurements with the compass. and a professional evaluation of all aspects of the whole space.
  • A written report with recommendations to improve the energy of the property with dates to implement the important changes.
  • Follow up meetings to explain the changes/clarify doubts with the client.
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