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FENG SHUI TRAINING Do you want to become a professional feng shui practitioner? Teri Garcia has been running a variety of courses to train feng shui consultants through her Imperial School in Spain, The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain located in Marbella since 2005. Students can start with basic weekend courses through to examination […]


SENIOR MASTER TERI GARCÍA Teri Garcia is a master in feng shui, ba zi, favorable date selection and spiritual feng shui.  Born in London, she has been living in Marbella, Spain for many years now. Senior Master Teri provides international feng shui consultations for all types of residential, commercial and corporate properties, specialising mostly in […]

Annual assessments

Each year, with the solar return, the energy changes within a property that can affect the occupants in different degrees.   We offer annual recommendations according to the Annual Flying stars, to neutralise any negative areas and to maximise the best areas.  Assessments are done with the entrance of the New Year.  We also can provide […]

Pre-purchase audits

We offer pre-purchase/pre-rental property selection audits.  These audits vary from a full consultation as we will be considering the general feng shui potential of the property and how it suits your needs.  We will be comparing the properties you select to advise you which would be the strongest property allowing you to consider all the […]


We can provide you with a feng shui audit so that the changes you make boost the feng shui in your property rather than unbalancing it with refurbishments that break the harmony. Adding an extension or a conservatory, installing new kitchen units, modifying the internal layout or putting in a swimming pool are all refurbishments […]

Residential Properties

With residential properties, the main and foremost aim is to bring the property into a good feng shui condition.  Chue Style Feng Shui is about the form of the house, the surrounding roads, the internal layout of the rooms, the position of the front and back door, the placement of the kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, […]

New Builds

Doing a Feng Shui assessment at the initial stages of your new build project will allow you to make the right feng shui choices from the beginning. Every new project starts with an exterior landform assessment as the orientation and interior layout of the new property are linked energetically to the surrounding environment.  Each plot […]

Corporate & Commercial

Our Feng Shui audits are extensive with extra focus on correctly placing the key elements that will support the goals of the company. For example, in retail facilities and shopping malls some of our additional specifications to improve the business will entail, the placement of the cash register as it is crucial to bringing in […]


I CHING The “I Ching” or Book of Mutations is probably one of the oldest and most respected mantic systems, originating in China more than 4000 years ago. The text reflects conceptions of the individual and collective unconscious. At any given moment, if a person has a question, he or she can consult the I […]